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Nino's Game Diary 03/20 & 03/22

Here are the most recent game diary entries! I'll translate the 23's later today. I'ts 3:40am for me, I have to go! If you're goign to take this elsewhere just leave a link to where you're going to take it, and credit properly.

Man...I was thinking about goign to that baseball game too! WTH! ;alsdfjkkl;asdfjl;aksdjf -.-;;; So many of my friends went too :(

By the way, did anyone else cry a LOT when they watched aiba, reading his letter to the members during the 24 hour TV thing? T_T Where aiba started crying and jun and ohno too. T_T omg, i just watched that and my eyes are so red. okay :x you can go read nino's diary now.

PS : i'm not japanese, therefore these translations are very ... bad. :x i mean the jist is all there but i may have a few errors. do forgive. :x


Yesterday, no, the day before yesterday Ihara Tsuyoshi (???) gave me a call.
"Nino? What are you doing tomorrow?"
"Tomorrow? I don't have anything planned"
"Then lets go watch baseball! Japan vs Korea."
"Ehhhhhh?! I'll go!"

With that...
I went to go watch the World Baseball Classics

I was touched! To add on, it's been so long
Since I've watched a baseball game
We finally left in the car

I was somewhat worried so I asked
"How long will it take to get there?"
"220km, so around 2 and a half hours?"

A few seconds later Ihara replied with a laugh
"If we arent careful we might go to Mexico."
"Ah, if that is the case it would have been better if I had brought my passport."

I experienced the world of "adults" just a little bit

Ah, it was great that I was able to watch baseball


Everyone! You can see this right?!
What a relief. It's fixed.
I thought it would take at least a week!
Who kenw it would be fixed within a day! I was quite surprised!
Then shall we start this one more time?

It's finally today! (3/22)
That's right!
'少しは恩返しができたかな' has started to show!

It's been awhile, hasn't it? [Me] being in a darma!
That's how I feel.
Anyway, please watch it!

和憲君が生き抜いた…いわばアルバムがそのまま作品になった。そんな感じがすると思います。(???? i couldnt translate this part correctly)
I might just cry, which is dangerous
This year I really do have a lot of tears

Although I'm always doing foolish things
When I do something I do it right, so don't worry about that
Make sure to watch [the drama]

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