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New Ohmiya fanvid!!

Ever since I posted my Waiting For Yesterday Ohmiya fanvid, I have been juggling the idea of making a sequel in which Nino leaves Ryo and tries to get Ohno back. Well, when I posed the idea to evolardnek she requested that I must do it! So, here it is!Enjoy!

Title: Can't Get Enough of You
Vidder: HanaKimiCali or thefrug
Song: Find Me by Boyce Avenue
Pairing: Nino/Ohno
Fandom: Arashi
Summery: Told from Nino's POV. Ever since Nino chose Ryo over Ohno, he has been regretting his choice. He runs into Ohno in various places and it's breaking him apart. Eventually he decides that leaving Ryo and trying to get Ohno back is his best choice for happiness.
Youtube Link: HERE

More vids can be found HERE@ thefrug
Tags: video (streaming), x sharing: fanstuff (discontinued)

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