Fizzing Jizz (fizzjizz) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Fizzing Jizz


these are some random pictures i found that i thought were either cute or worthy? :x if you think otherwise...i'm sorry T_T in any case... let the pictures begin after the cut!!!

this is during oh chan's can't really see ne. T_T

one more during concert :x but not of oh chan

this is too cute to pass by. T_T look at what oh chan is wearing towards the end of the concert. ahahah ... does anyone else find this irresistably adorable?!

capture from oh chan's concert footage. :x omfg ... omiyaSK ... nosebleed -.,-

i found this at a korean site. the caption was "LOOK EVEN LITTLE AMERICAN CHILDREN DO A NO ARASHI!" omg... ahahah

that's too cute T_T

i want to be the 3rd person on this piggy back ride :x

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