yoonna (yoonna) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Went to a fan screening today(no NatsuCon for me). About 200 people in an auditorium rented for four hours, of which roughly three were spent watching Arashi-related clips. I say people, not girls, because there was one boy there. I'd already seen about two-thirds of the stuff they were showing, but it was just so much fun to hear everybody SCREAM. We also had a birthday party for Nino and Matsu. Just to be clear, neither were there ^^; We just had a not-quite-massive cake and sang happy birthday, plus recorded a video message to send to Johnny's in Japan.
There were also prizes given out for quizzes(ex. Which member has silver fillings?) and other games. Photos, figurines(as far as I could see), the poster for One, this year's calender, and the VHS limited edition of Pik☆nchi. Sadly I didn't win anything, although my sister managed to snag a photo of Ohno.
After the screening us older-_-; people went to have dinner, beer(not me), and a good jaw on Arashi in general. I came home around nine o'clock, but the others are still bouncin'... Oh, we had another cake(obviously cake doesn't quite go around with 200 people)with the likeness of Jun printed on it. Since this time there were 20 or so of us, we actually got more than a few crumbs. The girl who cut the cake(much squealing upon the hacking up of Jun's body)scooped up Jun's face and ate it(again, screaming). My head hurts, my face hurts(from laughing), but all in all, a satisfactorily wasted day.

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