Kaori (shini_no_shisha) wrote in a_ra_shi,


I wanted to know if anyone had the Shounen Club episode where this video comes from
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7NM11P0F (this short clip and information were kindly given to me by gds_kurimu)
EDIT: This video contains all 5 members of Arashi. I'm not sure exactly what they are doing but in the video Jun takes a paper and reads it and it asks him the question that if he was a girl which of the Arashi would he date (or something like that) and he starts thinking about it to finally pic Nino ^^;; and give him a nice big hug hehe (that's basically what's happening here)

If yes would it be possible to upload it for me >_< I don't have any bribes right now but I will look try to post something soon ^^;;

Anyway thank you in advance I really appreciate it!!!

EDIT: The episode I'm looking for is feb 8th 2004 Shounen Club if anyone has it I'd really appreciate it ^^
And thank you 2_steps_back for giving me the date ^^!!!

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