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A Japan artists AU RP set in the 1800's where there are Three Kingdoms, Kyouvoyna, Asgard and Bonheur. And there's Midgard, the free land. All three Kingdoms have different cultures, strength, weather and system. Kyouvoyna, the kingdom up at the north was mostly covered with snow. It is the biggest kingdom with great military and rich in its mining.  Asgard, a kingdom with four seasons where it has the most modern technology and the biggest entertainment. The people there work hard at day and party at night. Bonheur, a land which is rich for its agricultures and it's beautiful landscape, the people love peace and it has a good relationship with both kingdoms. And midgard, the free land, is ruled by a mayor and is located at the center of the kingdoms, making it as a land of trade.

Everything is peaceful, but for how long? no one knows?

Lots of characters and jobs are availabe. You want to be a prince or princess? A happy commoner with a bakery shop? A stage actor? A genderal? Or even be a part of the harem? Just join in here.

More information could be found at[info]tres_reinosooc 
And we play at[info]tres_reinosrpg

Note : I was given permission already to make this post. Permission given by gimmick_game 
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