~MatSuJun LoVeR~ (matsumazing) wrote in a_ra_shi,
~MatSuJun LoVeR~

JE Concert in Malaysia !!!

To all Malaysian...
Johnny's Entertainment artists may held concert in Malaysia..
though it is not confirmed yet, the submission has been sent to JE and the concert may held on Aug/Sept..

If u want our Arashi to held concert here in Malaysia, u can go to this website and vote for Arashi...
eventhough u have to be a member to vote, its ok..
u just have to register and it's only take a couple of minutes...
if i'm willing to do anything for Arashi, so do u right..

the current votes are as follows :

Vote for your jr ent artist do their first concert in Malaysia
News [ 488 ]  [38.82%]
Arashi [ 234 ]  [18.62%]
Kattun [ 491 ]  [39.06%]
Hey! say Jump [ 37 ]  [2.94%]
Tackey & Tsubasa [ 7 ]  [0.56%]
Total Votes: 1257

u want arashi to held concert here more than anything right...

so, hurry up and send ur votes...



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