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Not another Sho report at NYCC!

Yes it is! I'm sorry guys..

So… my report isn’t long. I haven’t read any other fan reports yet so I won’t take on another opinion.

Sho came, and that was good!
NYCC seemed to have thought Sho was an unknown because that’s how they treated his appearances for the most part and that’s bad.

So I got to the con with alchemy_of_yaoi and her sister at ten am. We joined iceblueaya and then a few other girls in a massive line. I got to talk to a girl from Peru, and two girls from San Diego about their travels here. There was signing, hype and all that good stuff.

At about 1pm we were let into the con and there was much fast waking to the booth. The staff’s expression was pretty much.. O_O; to explain it in the best emoticon way possible. Everyone said it; the staff knew they were fucked. There must have been at least 50 people who now created a mass around the booth, huddled together and waiting for Sho. The best way to explain it… I was crushed between a lot of people at either side. People were leaning on me, I could feel their body from behind, some guy’s laptop was in my gut.

“Please, we’re giving tickets out at 3pm. If you want one form a line.”

No one moved, nothing was done. Security was called in. Finally about two hours later they formed a plan. “It is too dangerous for Sho to come to the booth. So he will be in that glass waiting area instead.”

I was not going to fight for a ticket, let someone else who traveled far get it. alchemy_of_yaoi and I pushed (no one was STILL moving) our way through the crowd to get there. Slowly but surely people began to follow. What happened next may shock and surprise you.

We (the fans who were there) created an invisible line of just our bodies. Stood our places as people filed in. We spaced ourselves well as we all waited to see Sho. How was it, us as fans, were able to organize a peaceful mass when security was unable to? Well anyway security was sent to block us just in case. A lot of interviewers came to find out “Who were you waiting for” and news cameras. The security guards kept teasing us with the door of who was coming in until FINALLY he came!

We waved our uchiwa, sang and danced. He looked really shocked to see there were that many people waiting for him. After about 30 seconds he left… and people headed to the theater.

I couldn’t wait for so many hours in the cold. I wished my friends luck and headed to the Funimation booth were my other friends were working and demanded my story (they couldn’t see Sho because of work). Though, a friend waited outside during the movie premier and apparently when it was done they let fans inside for the Q&A

Now, with that out of the way… I was able to talk to some people who handled, or apart of, Sho’s appearance.

I found out one of the guys who ran the Funimation booth got a ticket to see Yatterman from some random guy who didn’t want to go (this is where a few angry faces glared at him for getting it). He went for Yatterman and not Sho, though he kept teasing us; “Sho, Sho who?”. I found out the next day not only was he able to see Sho he also got to interview him and take personal pictures WITH him. “I wanted to ask him so bad, ‘I keep hearing of this Arashi business. What the heck is Arashi!?’ but I think I would have been mauled.”
At the Yatterman booth I stopped by to get some posters with Sho on it and talked to the guy about how badly this was all run. “Well at first Sho was suppose to be at the Panel but they thought he’d fair better by just making an appearance by the booth. They never expected this huge a crowd… we knew it though..” I also found out whenever you didn’t see him, he was doing personal interviews nonstop (poor guy!).

Before hand, a friend of mine was able to talk to the person who handled all of this. He was told JE was making it difficult to schedule Sho, wanting him to do only closed press interviews and private ones, nothing public. Yet it would have saved so much hassle if he at least showed up to the panel.

Another bothersome thing was the cancelation of the Yatterman second screening. I know many of you think “Oh, Yatterman shouldn’t be shown at a convention center.” Look, if Disney showed nearly half of their new Pixar film UP, Yatterman should have gotten that same screening.

So who is to blame? I don’t know but I would find someone apart of NYCC staff to write to, to address this problem of how badly things were handled. I do not believe fans should have had to wait in the cold for hours. The booth should have been more organized and how it was not known he was this popular is beyond me. Does staff really want to tell me “We didn’t think a JE idol was that popular”, because that is just crap. They HAD TMR last year, how was that so wonderfully handled? I’m not even talking about appearances but crowd control.

Now I close this up with a word of thanks to two websites..
Thank you Ningin.com for setting up a contest. And be sure to read the staff's experience with the premier!

Also thanks to Anime News Network for their contest as well. Be sure to look out for their coverage of NYCC and Yatterman review.

A glimpse of the crowd when the Ninja turtles came.

A view of the booth where they expected Sho to come. Ohhh yes, so practical.

The unmoving crowd.

On our way home at 12am we're supa villains.

alchemy_of_yaoi shows off her mask.

I have videos but they are very much like how Cloverfield was filmed so I don't think anyone wants that.

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