Kohtalo (bakushou) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Yatterman Live-Action Film Review

This is the first (and only) post I'll be making in regards to the three reports I plan on writing in regards to NYCC because I know there's been a lot. My sincerest apologies for adding more, however I'd hope this is of interest to some fans out there.

I was Press for the event and so a film review and overall convention report will be written. Then of course, my fan report will be posted as well.

I'll update the older posts with links to the newer posts when they are completed (making it so I don't have to post here each time a new report's up).

For now, here's my Yatterman Live-Action Film Review. It's sort of the rough draft (the version that will go on the web page will be a lot more refined) but I wanted to get it out here for the fans ASAP. :)

(Yatterman Film Review) (For Vox users)
(Yatterman Film Review) (For LiveJournal users)
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