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[Download] DVD Special Edition - Kakushi Toride no Sanakunin (Raw)

Short introduction:
A remake to Japanese prominent classic film directed by Akira Kurosawa a half century ago, "Kakushi Toride no San Akunin (The Hidden Fortress) The Last Princess" starring Jun Matsumoto. The director, Shinji Higuchi utilizes his extensive background in special effects to add some exciting sequence.

In the Sengoku period, the Yamana Army searches for treasure hidden by Akizuki family. Two poor men, Takezo (Jun Matsumoto) and Shinpachi (Daisuke Miyagawa) find this hidden treasure by chance only to get held up by a man named Rokurota Makabe (Hiroshi Abe). They find themselves embroilled in a plot. Rokurota has a plan to bring the treasure to Hayakawa (alliance partner of Akizuki family) so Takezo claims a share of the treasure instead of staging a plan to get it back.

I have ripped and uploaded the whole thing @ arashi_anoms in this post.
The booklet scans, and also Disc 1 & 3  have been upped. Left with Disc 2 which is still uploading.
(Booklet, Disc 1 - Movie, Disc 2 - Cast commentary, Disc 3 - Unseen scenes, Making of, LA & JP Premiere, etc...)

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