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Love Shuffle ~Shuffle Lovers~ - An AU RP Game

~Shuffling Lovers~

[ Over one night, posters have been plastered all over the city.

Are you questioning your own relationship? Do you feel like there is something missing, but yet, you're not willing to break up with your partner? Do you want to test your relationship with your partner? Join, and you may find an answer.

We call this game...Love Shuffle.

Lovers, partners, whatever relationship two people might be in, the game provides you a chance to confirm or end your relationship. Perhaps, love isn't everything in a relationship. Just as long you find someone who you get along well with, with matching personalities, perhaps there lies your answer. You will exchange partners and go round and round like a merry-go-around until you find your answer.

Based on the TBS drama Love Shuffle, this is a Johnnys & Associates-based yaoi/boys love only role-playing game.

» lovesha_game » lovesha_life » lovesha_ooc » rules » apply » faqs » profile codes

This a yaoi/boys love only role-playing game, therefore only male muses are accepted. Also, please note that there will be NC-17 posts in the game, so please stay away from the game if you are uncomfortable with these concepts.

Nino-muse is feeling quite lonely, so we would love to see more Arashi-muses in the game~ The game is starting very soon, so hurry if you're interested!

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