aniera (missa_niera) wrote in a_ra_shi,

MatsuJun's stalking mission..

i never realized i am a real stalker!! haha~

everyone knows who Matsujun is.. he loves accessories and his collection of jewelleries might be more than mine..
his fashion sense sometimes doesn't make sense to me..even his my ichiban, i will scream to him, "OMG! what the heck are you wearing Jun!!!" but it is a undeniable fact that he will loook so DAMN GOOD with anything he wear!!! even the bird nest might be so fashionable when he wear that!!XDD

n something that i noticed over my obsession n fandoms over MatsuJun for the past 3 yrs, I realized that he intend to wear the same accessories whether in photoshoot, concert, performances, talk show....i wonder, maybe they're his fav things..such as his rugged skeleton ring, the beads bangle, green necklace, his hats n etc..

therefore, here i present to you what in his closet stalked by me, obsessed Jun's fangirl!!

he wear this green necklace a lot ne.. in the photoshoot, the commercial and also in How It's Going concert~

this pic was here coz I love his hands~ *drools*

is Jun-kun is tongue fetish?!
it makes him sexier..or is he makes the necklace sexier?!lol/

this ring is simple yet stylish~~

can anyone recognize this skull ring?
he wear this a lot in Hanadan drama n photoshoot~

n another domyouji ring~~ he got 2 types of this ring~ gold n silver~ they are an Italian brand~ (i knew it must be expensive!! :luv:)

yes..he really proud wearing his own shirt~

he wear this bangle a lot during HnA~

lots of rings during concerts~
his collection of hats~

he wear caps n hats a lot coz he didnt know how to styles his own hair ~

during rehearsal in koukuritsu~

in the koukuritsu~

during Arashi Family Club~ the same cap actually~

this hat might be MatsuJun's Favorite coz he wear it most frequent~

during remarkable recording~

kaze no mukoue performance in SCP~

he also wear this hat when he went to Cambodia~

does this black hat are the same hat?

n some of his caps and hats~

Utaban's Kimi wa Muteki Performance~kakkoiiiiiii~~~~

that's all dearies~~

gomen ne if this picspams are not interesting..^^;

credits: aibakaland, arashi forum, arashian forum, n others who own those pics..
gomen ne,i got some of the pics long time ago,,
if they're yours, do tell me so i can credits you properly~ ^^;

x-posted in Arashi forum~


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