tass_chan (tass_chan) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Going to Japan! Please help!

Hi everyone! Gotta a question, more like a cry for help here.

Suddenly I was given the oportunity of doing research exchange in Japan for one month. But I have to choose between going now in July or in January 2010.

I have dreamt of going to Japan for many years now, and finally my time has come! But going to Japan and not seeing a Arashi concert (10th year!!) would be really frustrating... So, I know the dates aren't out yet, but what the old fans think? When would be most probably to me to attend a concert? (based on their past concert schedules... or not, since it's their 10th year and they might do something completely different).

(I'm also aware that mostly their concerts are in August-September... but since they still haven't announced the dates, I was wondering...)

Please, any help would be very appreciated. I don't know when will I be able to go to Japan again and I REALLY wanna see Arashi live! (as I'm sure everyone do.)

Just for you know, I'm applying for universities in Tokyo, Chiba and Tsukuba. I have never traveled abroad and I'm feeling a little lost, so anyone who lives in/or has gone to Japan and would like to help with anything, I would very much like to talk to you!!

Thanks in advance!
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