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Arashi Piano rendition songs

 Help! well not really... haha
I've been wanting to study piano/organ for a long time  and when I hear a Piano playing it just gives me some inspiration. 
I don't know if anyone has, but can anyone share Arashi piano rendition songs. Any song. That has been turned into piano. haha.
I would really love it! Thank You!!! *^^*
err.... I have a problem! Thanks for all the comments but I was asking for media... er, I mean .mp3 piano Arashi songs... not piano sheet stuff. I actually am still trying to learn those kind of keys... haha I only do keys like ABC stuff. haha. 

I don't know how to tag this...
what should I tag?
or is this okay? 
arg... I don't know what to do.. 
sorry. ">


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