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PV Crazy Moon~Kimi wa muteki

I know, this has been already released by many other fans, and now everyones's waiting for the release of the new cd and green from touch eco, but stil, I wanted to share my first subbed PV :D
Of course, it's not my translation, it's </a></b></a>nyanchan's translation, that she kindly let me use to make this, so thank you very much to her :D:D
Since it's my first time doing this, maybe it's not perfect m(_ _)m but I really tried my best and hopefuññy will get better with time :D
I enjoy doing this PV, they dance like maaaad xDDD, and I got to learn the full lyrics doing this XDDDDD
So, for those who are still interested in another karaoke version of Crazy Moon:

yay for the ones that click!, yeah, the interested ones xDDD
Tags: video (raw)

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