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It might be crazy but I think it's worth a shot...

It all started with this silly little idea that's been bugging me for a while, and so I asked a few people from my f-list if they thought I was just crazy or if it's too big a project to handle, but anyways, I'd like to get your thoughts on this.

Has anyone ever made a compilation of voice recordings of Arashi fans greeting a member on their birthday/ anniversary? I was thinking that it'd be great if we could somehow compile voice recordings of the fans greeting them on their 10th Anniversary. We don't need to mail them anything (and have it rejected) since we could just put them together and make it available through youtube, or maybe some other audio streaming website, like imeem, then just give them the url for that. I haven't tried making any fanvids though, so I'm a bit useless if  you do decide to go with youtube. I was also thinking that what we're doing won't get us into trouble with regards to copyrighted material since we won't be using any videoclips or scans... (unless there's a video included, but I wouldn't know what to put there...)

The details aren't really clear to me right now and I'm very open to any ideas and suggestions that you might think of.

I know a little about sound editing since I've recorded and edited podcasts before. I am a little familiar with Sony Soundforge, and I also know a bit about Audacity (enough to at least splice bits of audio files and put them together. I still need to learn how to put background music though.)

If the project does push through, I guess the only problem there is if they'd actually get to read the email that we send them and click on the link. From what I've heard, at least on their radio shows, they don't get to pick the emails that they read on air. The staff screens it beforehand and just hands them the letters that they think they should read.  =| I really hope this doesn't happen though.

Soo... Any suggestions?  :)
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