Fizzing Jizz (fizzjizz) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Fizzing Jizz

Selling Arashi Official Pictures

hello i posted awhile ago, but i'm reposting because well...i have more to say.

i have just a little over 15 pictures for sale as of now, but by mid week next week i should have over 250 arashi pictures. i will also have around 150 kattun & news pictures as well. if you have friends or you know other comms that are interested please let them know! i have official johnny's pictures, unofficial ones, and paparazzi. i will also be selling goods soon (uchiwas if people are interested)

in any case come visit!

official pictures : $1.50USD
unofficial pictures : $1.00USD
paprazzi pictures : $1.50 USD
random pictures : $1.00 USD


i really need to sell all these pictures so help me out guys :x

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