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Update on the fanproject


It's me again... and, er, hopefully you haven't forgotten about my crazy idea. ^^; Anyways, I have something of an update, which really has more questions than it has answers or instructions. I'm really hoping for ideas and suggestions here because I don't know how big the project can get (if it does push through) and there's also a question of how much time and resources we have.

--Would you like to have a script for each greeting, or would you rather set guidelines, so that the messages can be personalized (i.e. nothing longer than 30 seconds, etc...)

--What would be the best way for fans submit the voice recordings/audio files? (will they upload it through megaupload, rapidshare, etc...? or will they submit it through email-- Which is something that I'm not so sure about, because downloading anything with my internet connection takes a long time. )

--In what format should they submit it? Will it be mp3, wma, etc...

--If we're going with the video, what should be flashed while the voice recording is playing? I'm quite sure we can't post scans or caps of Arashi, because we might get into trouble. I was thinking that maybe, while the person is reading her message, the text being flashed will be Japanese. So Arashi hears the message in the language of the reader, but they can read her message in Japanese. If you have any ideas on how to improve this, just say so ^_^

--Do you think that it might be a good idea, if for instance there's a group of people who want to greet Arashi, but instead of saying "congratulations" one by one, they can say it as a group or do a really short thing on their own, like sing a line or two of their favorite song? And their names will be flashed while they are singing the song

--Where should we put the videos? I was thinking that maybe we can create a website just for the greetings, and we'll embed all of our videos there instead of having it redirected to megavideo, etc... Unless of course, it's too much work. This is just a suggestion, of course. If you have any ideas, I'm open to them.

--What would be the ideal timetable for this project? I was thinking of having it released sometime in November. I suppose much of this depends on how many people are planning to join, but it might be a good idea to set the dates as early as possible. Here are some things that we'll probably be concerned about (to anyone who plans to help me out with this, I mean...):

  • the deadline for submission of recordings
  • editing and splicing the audio files
  • the images/ texts to be used for the fanvid
  • uploading
--Also, here's a list of the people that the project will need:

  • People who have made fanvids
  • People who are able to translate the messages in Japanese
  • graphic artists (in case you decide to use graphics for the fanvids, and the website-- if someone agrees to it)
  • web designers (again, if we go by the website idea)
  • people who are good at mixing and editing sounds.
--And, just so it's not in vain, does anyone have any idea how we get Arashi to know about this?

Here's hoping for your support ^_^

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