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Montreal Yatterman / Arashi Meetup PART 2!

First I want to thank everyone who came out to the screening in Montreal on July 9th~  It was lovely meeting you all and we had a really fun time!!  For meet-up reports check out here and here.

So there is still one screening left!  There were a few people who contacted me about making it to this one because they couldn't make it out to the last one, and I will be emailing you shortly.  For anyone else that wants to join us:


Screening Times:
Concordia Hall Theatre
1455 de Maisonneuve O. (Metro Guy-Concordia)
* July 14th, 2009 * • * 3:00 pm *

The movie is Japanese-language with English subtitles.
Tickets go on sale July 7th at 1PM, for $8.00 CAN
(more info on how to get tickets on the site)

June 14th, 2009

12:30 PM - genuyn and I are going for cake / fondue / chocolate / deliciousness at Juliette & Chocolat on.  This isn't exactly meet up stuff but likely all we'll do is talk about Arashi anyways!  You're all welcome to come :D  For this please RSVP by email
  Here's a map to Juliette et Chocolat :D
1:30~1:45 PM - Meet at Cafe Java U (1455 rue Guy, inbetween Metro Guy-Concordia and the theatre).  Like last time, if the line seems long people can go line up and I'll wait for others to come.  I don't think the line will be as long this time!
2:45 PM - I'll be moving to the lineup at this time.  Call if you are late and need to find us.
3:00 PM
Afterwards - Just as we feel, I guess, haha.

POINT A is the Cafe
POINT B is where the theatre is (it's basically one block away)

Ideally it's best to check in with me so I know that you're coming:
I can email you my phone number so we can keep in touch.  I will wear purple and yellow flowers in my hair :P  A bit more recognizable than the hat, lol.

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