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Vote for Arashi for concert in Singapore

Hi there,
my first post

well thanks to [info]eileithyia88 that i found out there's a poll that is Singapore based which can help to bring artistes or acts to Singapore for a performance.

Well its under one of Singapore's major sponsors and ticketing for events and concerts, SISTIC. So like many, Singapore fans also wants to see Arashi performing here. So i hope as many fans as possible can help by voting your Arashi  in this poll. You can vote once per day using the same email which you have to enter when casting your votes.

Well i come with very good news. The results this month showed our Arashi now in 1st place with 29% in front of DBSK and Super Junior .

The results looks very favourable and thus i hope you all can keep on voting for the boys so that they will reamain No.1.
Thanks to all who help voted and keep on voting..

To vote just simply go this webpage:-


1. Click on 'Arashi'  which is the under concert category.
2. Fill in your name and email and press 'VOTE' to cast your votes [hint:u can type any email add at random and they still accept your vote].
3. You can vote once per email address per day.

Hope that we can keep on working hard so that the boys will eventually be brought here.

Yuroshiku Onegaishimasu~
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