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Arashi Lyrics

I uploaded all Arashi albums/singles lyrics in one convenient .rar file (inside the .rar there is a 'Lyrics' folder and then a 'Singles' and an 'Albums' folder) organized by album/single! That post on my LJ also contains Arashi's entire discography on MediaFire, 4Shared and now MegaUpload. Get it here!

***Note to people who've seen that post in my LJ already: I uploaded the entire discography unto MegaUpload and the lyrics file, as you can see, is finally up! I also uploaded Arashi's latest album All the Best! on MU, 4shared and MF. It's the LE, but I uploaded the hidden track Attack It! from the RE as a single, in case you wanted the RE just for that. The new album is at 320kbps! Yes, uploading it took a long time, so thanks are appreciated! :3

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