~Akane~ (kimi_no_tsuki) wrote in a_ra_shi,

嵐 CHALLENGE ★ week (Another update)

Sorry for the new update so quickly after the last one, but today the site was updated again.

The times for the showings of classic Arashi shows are up! They are all going to be shown in the middle of the night, eek! Also, the official title and time of the Odoroki special is up.

I've been putting the titles in romanji next to the Japanese, but I was wondering if people wanted me to translate them as well? If you're gonna be searching for them online it'll probably be by the romanji, so I dont think it's really necessary, but if, for example, you're really curious as to the meaning of that horribly long title of the Odoroki special I can write it in English too xD

Check HERE for the updates~!

(Also, on the Challenge Week official site there is a staff blog, would there be any interest in seeing it translated? There are only 2 entries so far, but today's was rather sweet. I don't have that much free time, but if there is interest I could try to translate those entries as they are updated as well.)
Tags: discuss: special event

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