themagiczebra (themagiczebra) wrote in a_ra_shi,

[Translation] POTATO November2009 (Arashi Group Talk)

I don't know if this is the longest I've had to translate, but you know, Arashi group talks are addicting so finishing it makes me super happy. xDDDDDDD

This is in two parts since LJ said it was too long, but you can only comment in the first post, okay? If there's any, I mean. :D

Words to live by that can be found in this article:
1) That's right, your whole butt, your whole butt (laughs).
2) Me, I saw him once, and I didn't return to that place again!
3) (altogether) They didn't come!?
4) Leader, act as an okama-chan again (laughs).
5) Support me (laughs).

You can't be called a performer if you haven't spent more than half of your life in show business!


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