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Calling all Arashi Fans :)

Hi everyone,

My names is Melissa and I will be going to Japan at the end of October and am planning to visit Keikarou (Aiba’s family restaurant). My idea is to make a Message Book from Arashi fans and give the book. It started out to be messages from fans in Canada but it is now open to everyone. I apologize for this being last minute. The cover says "Arashi, creating a storm throughout Canada and the world!"

Long story short, my friend called Keikarou and asked if we can give gifts. She spoke to Aiba’s mom and said that it’s not allowed but she can give it to her son; she won’t turn the gift away. She’s aware that someone from Canada is coming to the restaurant sometime in November.

Everyone is welcome to take part. If you live in or near Vancouver, Canada, you’re welcome to help design the book. Please contact me. You can email me your messages/artwork or snail mail. I apologize that it’s last minute.

Here’s more info: Message Book for Arashi

Size of Book: 8x8

What will it comprise of?
Messages can be translated into Japanese
Limit: no longer than 500 words
Ideas what to write: congratulating them of their 10th Anniversary, words of encouragement, how you became a fan of Arashi, and etc…

What not to mention: downloading and etc…

Pictures from fans
Pictures of you with Arashi merchandise or even from where you live

Artwork, poems, etc from Fans

Other sections:
1. What is your favourite Arashi song(s) and Why?
2. What makes Arashi, ARASHI?


Deadline for messages to be translated:
Sunday, October 11th - date may change if I can confirm that someone can translate to Japanese after the 11th of October
My friend who will be translating the messages will be going on holiday.

Messages at don't need be translated & Artwork/Pictures:
Friday, October 24th, 2009 - I will need time to put it altogether and well I'm still planning my trip hee hee.. I will be going to Korea as well. :)

My email addy:

Hope to hear from you all soon. :)
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