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Translation: Arashi Challenge Week staff blog

Is everyone sick of Arashi Challenge Week yet? I hope not! :D Because I'm back again with the translations of the staff blog. This blog is written by the producer of Arashi no Shukudai-kun (among many other Arashi shows). I think it's really interesting to see his view of Arashi since he has worked with them so closely for so many years. There have been three entries so far, so I will put all 3 of them here. Then I'll try to update with translations as new entries are posted.

From the show’s producer, to all of you who are kindly supporting “Arashi Challenge Week”:

At last, “Arashi Challenge Week” will start from October 25th. Arashi’s members will be in full operation, appearing in shows on Nihon TV for one week starting on the 25th. Not only in variety shows, but they’ll also do their best in various other shows such as informational and news programs. (New programs will continue to be added, so please check the website for updates. We’ll also keep you updated on the content of these shows.)

The other day at a press conference, MatsuJun said these words,

“I heard that this is the first time Nihon TV has done a campaign like this focusing on just one group (or person). It makes me really happy.”

Thank you, MatsuJun.
That’s right.
In the past Nihon TV has had campaigns such as “24 Hour TV Week” and “Eco Week”, which was a campaign to get people thinking about the environment. However, the thought of “Arashi Week” being created is like a dream.

“We want to do an Arashi 10th Anniversary week”… this has long been a dream for me and the other staff members. The fact that we’re able to do it in such a large scale… it’s truly amazing!

Now that it’s Arashi’s 10th year, we (the staff members) who have built up a history with “Mayonaka no Arashi”, “C no Arashi”, “D no Arashi”, “G no Arashi”, and “Arashi no Shukudai-kun”, in the form of a “broadcast” we want to make this a challenge that you who have always supported us can enjoy, and we hope your love for Arashi will grow even stronger.

For the members of Arashi, who are already very busy, appearing in so many programs in and of itself is a “challenge”. We are also planning a special program on November 1st, starting from 7 o’clock which will focus on “experiments and live performance”.

The location filming for these experiments just recently started taking place. Ohno-kun and Ninomiya-kun have set out to perform a large scale “leave it alone” experiment.
(*t/n: “leave it alone” is literally what “hottoki” means. These are the experiments where they leave some kind of plant to grow in a strange way and then come back to find out what happened to it.)

We will also be adding information (as much as we can) about the other experiments on this site. (Of course the results are secret)

In tomorrow’s (it will be different in some areas…I’m sorry) episode of Arashi no Shukudai-kun we will be making an announcement about a certain experiment for the live broadcast.

This will be a “participation experiment” and we hope all of you will participate on November 1st. It will require some prior preparation so please be sure to check this episode!
(*t/n: He is talking about the 3D experiment that you’ll need to make glasses for.)

Additionally, we want to thank everyone for sending in the questionnaire about “Arashi moments we want to see one more time”! We will continue to accept entries, so please keep sending them in.
(*t/n: The deadline for this ended today. Hopefully everyone got their votes in, sorry.)

“Arashi Challenge Week” will continue to be updated.
We’ll keep posting the new information as it is finalized, so please keep checking the site.

We’re also planning to open up a BBS. Please keep looking forward to updates on both “Arashi Week” and “Arashi no Shukudai-kun” homepages.

From the show’s producer, to all of you who are kindly supporting “Arashi Challenge Week”:

There are only 16 days left till the start of “Arashi Challenge Week”. For one week starting from 10/25 the programs on Nihon TV will be full of Arashi.

Currently, the shows which will be broadcast during this week have begun being filmed, and the members will be appearing on various Nihon TV shows. Their amazing activity is beginning to unfurl.

The top batter is Ninomiya-kun.
He will be appearing in “Gyourestu no dekiru houritsu soudansho”.
Although I think Nino must have been nervous as it was his first time appearing on “Gyourestu”, the host Shimada Shinsuke admitted that his family are “Arashi fans” and continued by talking at length about Arashi’s charms, and the feelings of their fans.

For the actually broadcast there is a limited amount of time, so I’m afraid they won’t be able to show the entire section, but Shinsuke-san spoke of many things such as “Arashi’s thoughtfulness towards the fans at their concerts”. His talk about Arashi lasted over 30 minutes!
He spoke quite passionately.
It was really wonderful.

Also, during the filming of this episode of “houritsu soudansho” a shocking accident happened to one of the cast, but thanks to Nino’s kindness they were able to overcome it. The broadcast will be on 10/25 (Monday). Please look forward to it!!

From the show’s producer, to all of you who are kindly supporting “Arashi Challenge Week”:

Having worked with Arashi making TV programs for this long, I’ve come to really feel the “friendship” between them that everyone is always talking about.

I feel that it comes from each members “thoughtfulness”, their “perfect synch” , and everyone’s “kindness”. This is one of Arashi’s biggest charms.

When we have meetings about the TV programs they usually occur inside Arashi’s 6 tatami mat sized dressing room. (*t/n: 6 tatami mats is about 9x12ft) When all the staff members are included it becomes quite crowded and we’re all stuffed close together.

Those meetings always pan out like this.
Aiba-chan will say “Tell me more!” and ask important questions.
Sho-kun will make suggestions by saying “Couldn’t we also do something like this?”
When we ask Oh-chan questions, some really surprising ideas come back at us.
Nino always realizes the most important points for making the shows.
And MatsuJun works all those ideas together into great entertainment.

It’s exactly the members “perfect synchronization” that has allowed us to make such fun programs such as “Shukudai-kun”.

(*t/n: The word I translated as “perfect synchronization” is actually literally "rhythmic breathing" but in Japanese it refers to the way of interaction with other people that is harmonious and fits together. I'm not sure if "perfect synch" is a good translation, but it's all I could think of. Hopefully the meaning gets across)

This time, I am hoping that using their “power of kindness” we can, together with Arashi, make “Arashi Week” a memorable experience.
That is what we are hoping for right now.

Only 14 days until the start of “Arashi Week”
Since the members of Arashi are working so hard, we the staff have work hard too!

If you'd like to check out the Arashi Challenge Week page for yourself, here's the link.
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