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嵐 CHALLENGE ★ week (5th Update)

A new update for Challenge Week...

I have to apologize for getting everyone's hopes up about TSD. It appears that the members will not be guesting on Shimura Doubutsuen as previously announced T-T Johnny's Net has been updated today listing the guest for TSD as "Aiba Masaki" rather than "Arashi" as it had stated before. Either this was a mistake made by whoever updated Johnny's Net, or they had planned to have Arashi guest and later changed the plan. I'm not sure which, but it looks like it will only be Aiba. I'm so sorry for getting everyone excited about it and having it change like this T-T

Also, they will be showing a re-run of the 5th Odoroki no Arashi special on Sunday afternoon before the new special airs.

Edit: I just thought of something else to add to this update, but didn't want to make a whole new post, so I'll add it here. For News ZERO it seems that each Arashi member will be doing a presentation about an event in the news during the past 10 years that left an impression on them or was memorable for them. This was mentioned during News ZERO last night, so I thought I'd add it. (I was only kind of half paying attention while watching it though, so there might have been more info I'm missing, lol, sorry.)

Updated list is here.
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