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Arashi is in the final round of the Battle of Pop and they are going against Kat-tun! Kat-tun managed to round up 45,548 votes in the last round, almost 20,000 more votes than Arashi!!

Please, if you haven't already voted for Arashi, sign up for free and vote now!

You can vote once per day.

Please vote so Arashi can be promoted on Channel V!!

*I just found out that there are a lot of people having trouble with actually getting to the final round. If you're still stuck in the semi-finals, try restarting your firefox OR clearing your cookies and temp. files first OR shifting firefox to internet explorer OR opening up a new window. If you're really anxious to vote I guess you could track down another computer, but I don't think it's that dire. Probably, there are just too many people trying to vote at the same time as you, so if all the methods above fail, just get a drink, kick back and try again later. ^ ^

Thanks so much you guys! The last count was 7617 to 5597. Let's keep it up so Arashi's tenth year is the best ever!

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