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MOD POST: Rule Updates and Layout Contest

I swear this is a good mod post. I swear!

Alright, after some thinking and observation, there are some changes that are being made here at a_ra_shi.

First, moderated posting will remain. This is in NO WAY to police the users and their posts, and is completely to avoid spammers/webgains ass holes. I took a chance and took the moderated posting off for approximately 4 hours today and within that time already had a webgains post. Please, if you're looking for someone to blame about this, look to them.

With that being said, there have been some changes made to the rules to help with this major change. The biggest of these is the removal of the video posting requirements/master posts (with the exception of birthdays). So please, if you have a video upload to share, just follow the basic community rules and post it. (It would also be considerate to include what file service and such, but that is no longer a requirement.)

There is a function with moderated posting that allows people full access to post. If when you submit your post it follows the rules, the mods and I can allow you full posting access. If this is abused, of course, you will be warned and then banned.

All fanworks will still be posted at iza_now.

I have removed the rule regarding approval for advertisements due to the moderated posting. Simply post and if the advertisement is allowed, it will be posted. :)

In regards to the request post, I will be working on updating/clearing it out and from now on there will be a weekly request round up made. More info to be given on that Monday when I post it. :Db

The modified rules can be found under the cut. Please read over them as a refresher. :)

& This is a community about Arashi only, which means that anything not related to them (such as information about other Johnny's groups) should be posted in other, more relevant communities.

& With that said, anything directly related to Arashi can be posted here, be it news, downloads, translations, etc. All fanworks may be posted at iza_now.

& Images that are wider than 300px or 300px tall, must be placed behind an LJ-cut as well. If you do not use an LJ-cut even upon others' requests, the post will be deleted.

& I'm sure it goes without saying that common courtesy and respect to other members is a given, right? This is not a matter we take lightly, so please be careful with your treatment of others. If in doubt, just follow the Golden Rule.

& We reserve the right to delete any comments or post deemed inappropriate. Similarly, we will ban users as we see fit.

& Sales posts of any kind are prohibited.

& Posts may not contain more than one or two words or phrases out of the DEFAULT COLOR. This means no posts in all purple, or gray or any other color other than DEFAULT. Black also counts, as layouts do not recognize it as 'default'. This is a common courtesy to users who watch the comm.

& If you link to a product on PlayAsia, YesAsia or any other site with an affiliate program and use and affiliate link without noting somewhere in the post that it is an affiliate link, your post will be deleted & your account WILL BE BANNED

& All spoilers, no matter how trivial you think they may be, NEED TO BE UNDER A CUT, with a warning that there is a spoiler behind the cut.

& No posts linking to a friends locked post/community, UNLESS that journal/community is a sub group/sub journal/translation journal. Posts will be deleted if they do not follow this rule.

& Any post containing the phrase "Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete!" or any variation will be DELETED. This shows us you haven't read the rules and just don't care.

& Three Strike Rule: You break any of the rules three times (can be a combination of any of these rules), you will be warned each time by direct message and the post will be deleted. Once the third offense occurs, you will be banned from posting for one month. After the month is up, your posting privileges will be reinstated on a probationary status. If at anytime you break the posting rules after that, you will be banned from posting permanently. This may seem harsh, but there are some people who refuse to read/follow the rules, and this is what happens.

& All birthday posts will be place in a MASTER birthday post. You can comment with well wishes and any things you may do for the person's birthday in the comments.

& All requests will be made in a master request posts that will be available through the tags system. Once a week, these requests will be complied and posted by the mods and possibly filled by the mods themselves if we have time. Anyone can request and anyone feel free to fulfill the request by commenting to the post.

& All fanworks (icons, graphics, phone themes, fanart, fanvids, etc.) should now be posted at iza_now. Any post containing these items will be deleted without notice.

Now onto happier things:

★the a_ra_shi layout contest★

It's time for a change here at a_ra_shi and what better way to do that then with a new layout!

There will be 2(two) categories to choose from:

Journal Layout - this includes a header graphic and the layout style sheet. Feel free to use premade styles (which can be found all over LJ), but please make sure you are crediting the original creator in your layout. Fresh layouts (coded by you) are highly encouraged!

Profile Layout - Again, including a header graphic/graphic and a style sheet. You may use pre-made, again, just remember to credit and that fresh layouts are encouraged!

Now for the stuff you REALLY want to know, PRIZES!

Each category will have 1st-3rd place, with possible honorable mention awards based on the number of entrants.

Aside from becoming the community's layout/profile layout, the prizes will include:

★1st Place (Each Category): 1 year paid account with LJ including UserPics OR $30 Gift card to the merchant of your choice; 1st rotation as the community layout/profile layout for 6(six) months; banner graphic.</ br>
★2nd Place (Each Category): $10 Gift Certificate to the merchant of your choice; 3(three) month rotation as community/profile layout; banner.
★3rd Place (Each Cateogry): 3(three) month rotation as community/profile layout; banner.
★Honorable Mentions (Each Category: 1(one) month rotation as community/profile layout; banner.

Please, please, please submit your entries. The cash prizes for this contest are pretty substantial when you consider that they are for EACH category.

Now for a few rules (*groan* I know.):

ღ All entries must be made for this contest, meaning all entries must be made "fresh".
ღ Please include credit for any textures, scans, layout codes, etc. that you use in your entry.
ღ 1(one) entry per category, per person. Yes, this means ONE ENTRY.
ღ The same person can place in each category, but the same person cannot place twice in the same category - thus the one entry per category rule.
ღ The layout must include all Arashi members.
ღ No vulgar language, sexual themes or otherwise dirty stuff is to be included in the layout. We've got kiddies here. :)
ღ Include your graphic (uploaded to tinypic, please) and code in the email in its entirety. Partial entries will not be accepted.
ღ Community layout must include a sidebar. Any S2 format is allowed, provided it has a sidebar.

Deadline for the contest is Thursday, November 5th, 2009 at Midnight EST. This gives you two weeks, go go go! (Deadline will be extended if not enough entries are submitted, but I'd prefer not to. Don't want to encroach too much on the Holidays!)

The layouts will be posted for voting on Friday, November 6th, 2009, and voting will last for ONE WEEK. On Saturday, November 14th, the winners will be posted and the winning layouts will go up on the community.

Please email your entries to idol(dot)dreams(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you'd like to promote the contest, please use this code:

Pimp away and happy layouting!


(pimp code fixed >.>;;)
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