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Program Descriptions of Arashi Challenge★week (25th & 26th)

Please also refer to this.
10/25 SUNDAY

The Sunday Next 8.00
The Sunday NEXT 8:00~

It has been decided that the 5 boys of Arashi will appear together with Tokumitsu Kazuo for a special talk program!
"10 questions for Arashi as they welcome their 10th anniversary", they will answer the 10 questions in "o (yes)" and "x (no)" form.
The questions are sharp that even Matsujun did not expect it to be so.
"I consider this quite provoking ne! Will I continue with these 10~ It's kinda scary~" he groaned.
First this the out-early version in October 25th (Sunday), the main volume within the 2 weeks will be broadcasted on November 1st.
The talk with Tokumitsu-san who gave Arashi full marks for their closeness attempting to dig out their secrets, please look forward to it!

Law Office
Law Counselling Office of the Industry 21:00~

It has been decided that Ninomiya Kazunari will appear in the popular program of Shimada Shinsuke’s chairmanship!
A super video of Arashi’s past will be publicised starting from Ninomiya-kun!
In “Recommendations of B-grade Gourmet”, cuisines from all over the country which Ninomiya-kun truly enjoyed will be introduced!

10/26 MONDAY

Zoom In!! SUPER 5:20~

Arashi’s 10th Anniversary x Zoom In!! For Zoom In’s 30th Anniversary, “5 consecutive days! Arashi Challenge!!”
The challenge is to have each member from Arashi appear every day!
In the talk corner, it is a private talk with Hatori Ana who participated in “Mayonaka no Arashi” personally about Arashi members.
Then, the making of Memory Album which consists of Arashi’s wishes and hopes!
Furthermore, Arashi will take charge of that ever-so-popular corner!?
More more! There’s even a corner of Arashi’s secrets over the 10 years being spilled!

Evening Place donna 15:50~

There will be information regarding “Arashi Challenge☆week” being aired in the program!
Please look forward to it!
※Only broadcasted in Kanto

Arashiweek Challenge and Experiment highlights!

October 26th (Monday) 8.54pm~9.00pm
October 27th (Tuesday) 8.54pm~9.00pm
October 28th (Wednesday) 8.54pm~9.00pm
October 30th (Friday) 8.54pm~9.00pm
October 31st (Saturday) 10.54pm~11.00pm
※Only broadcasted in Kanto and its district

1-minute Life-changing Deep Talk 21:00~

It has been decided that Sakurai Sho will appear in controversially popular program which shows videos lasting for merely 1-minute to divide people to “deeply good” category and “u~n” category.
With the title “people with good looks VS people with bad looks SP”, Sakurai Sho will challenge his aim to fulfil “everyone is the same”!



Special Plan
Arashi’s 10th Anniversary VOICE “stay in memories through these 10 years News”
Arashi’s 5 members will appear daily!
Everyday, the members will elaborate further on the news they left during this period of 10 years and talk about their feelings. They also have messages for everyone!

Arashi no Shukudai-kun

From all the various challenged decade’s experiments, the program staff will introduce the Best 5! Intimidating, and extremely funny which are chosen carefully will be broadcasted once again!
If you saw this, you will definitely be even more thrilled with the 3hour special which will be aired on November 1st (Sunday)!
Then, there will be an announcement of a proposal where Arashi members will convey thanks and gratitude to their fans. This is a never-done-before totally new surprise present, which Arashi took up the challenge to be conveyed to everyone.

10thyr program
Arashi Challenge week Arashi’s 10th year fascinating Program in one glance SP!!

(1) October 26th (Monday) midnight 3.30~4.00am
(2) October 27th (Tuesday) midnight 2.54~3.24am
(3) October 28th (Wednesday) midnight 3.14~3.44am
(4) October 29th (Thursday) midnight 3.03~3.33am
(5) October 29th (Thursday) midnight 3.33~4.00am
(6) October 30th (Friday) midnight 3.05~3.35am
(7) October 31st (Saturday) midnight 3.50~4.20am

※Only broadcasted in Kanto and its district
※There is a possibility of change in broadcasting time due to geographical situation
※There is a possibility of change in broadcasting time due to baseball match broadcasting


If you need 27th & 28th, 29th & 30th, 31st & 1st Nov program descriptions; I've just finished translating it. So actually it's complete now :-) And NEWS ZERO descriptions have been updated too.


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