~Akane~ (kimi_no_tsuki) wrote in a_ra_shi,

嵐 CHALLENGE ★ week (7th Update)

How is everyone enjoying Arashi challenge week? Are you getting any sleep? I know I'm not XD (And not doing much homework either, lol)

Anyway, sorry for the lateness of this update. This might just be the last update for Arashi Challenge Week, but it's a pretty exciting one. For the shows that were added to the list for Friday (plus Zoom-in Saturday) the guest will be... Ohno Satoshi~!!! These are all live broadcasts, so our Leader will be pretty busy tomorrow. Let's all give him our support!

Also, during NEWS ZERO tomorrow, Ohno-kun will be having a special interview/talk with the artist Nara Yoshitomo. Sounds like it should be interesting.

To see the list of all the shows during Challenge Week, check here.

And enjoy the last 3 days of Arashi Week~~!!!
Tags: discuss: special event, other: info

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