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MOD POST: Layout Contest Update! :)

Due to Mid-terms, finals and the like, I've decided to extend the deadline of the layout contest to Thursday, November 19th at Midnight EST. This gives you another two weeks to make/submit something. The categories for the contest have been updated as follows:

☆ - Journal Layout (1st Prize $25 LJ GiftCard/GiftCard of Your Choice)
☆ - Journal Header Graphic (1st Prize $10 LJ GiftCard/GiftCard of Your Choice)*
☆ - Profile Layout & Graphic (1st Prize $25 LJ GiftCard/GiftCard of Your Choice)

* - This was voted on in a previous post and "new category with adjusted prizes" was the winner.

You'll notice that the prizes for the Journal & Profile layouts have decreased. This is to account for the new category of Header Graphic. :) The total amount of the prizes is still the same.

Again, the deadline has been extended to Thursday, November 19th at Midnight EST. I've gotten a few entries so far, but I'm looking forward to more! :)

Oh and a note, when submitting layout entries, please state which S2 format the layout is in (Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing, etc.)

ღ All entries must be made for this contest, meaning all entries must be made "fresh".
ღ Please include credit for any textures, scans, layout codes, etc. that you use in your entry.
ღ 1(one) entry per category, per person. Yes, this means ONE ENTRY.
ღ The same person can place in each category, but the same person cannot place twice in the same category - thus the one entry per category rule.
ღ The layout must include all Arashi members.
ღ No vulgar language, sexual themes or otherwise dirty stuff is to be included in the layout. We've got kiddies here. :)
ღ Include your graphic (uploaded to tinypic, please) and code in the email in its entirety. Partial entries will not be accepted.
ღ Community layout must include a sidebar. Any S2 format is allowed, provided it has a sidebar.

Remember to please submit your entries to idol(dot)dreams@gmail(dot)com. :)
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