Akiko (aatash) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Arashi FC Pamphlet #46 Group Talk Translation

The title is such a mouthful. ^^; But to celebrate Arashi's tenth anniversary, and as a belated gift back to this wonderful fandom, I've done a translation of the group talk in the latest Anniversary Issue of Arashi's FC pamphlet.

Go here to read about Arashi's thoughts on Kokuritsu, Fukuoka Dome, and their gratitude for fans in general. Bonus: Jun complaining that he had to wash swimming trunks after the concert. Enjoy! ♥

PS: Stay tuned for member interviews as well! Aiba's interview on his "My Girl" progress report and Ohno's interview on "Guests of Room #0" are up.
Tags: other: translation

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