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Translation: Arashi Challenge Week staff blog (11/2)

Sorry for the lateness of this translation. I didn't check the Challenge Week page after the end of the week, until today, when I noticed this entry. But it's a great one! The producer has written messages of thanks to all of the members for their hard work during the week. Again we get to see the love between Arashi and the staff members, hehe :D

I apologize if the grammar is a bit strange. I wrote the messages in the 3rd person because I wanted to keep intact the names that he uses to call everyone (Nino-chan, Oh-chan, etc.). I think that also shows a degree of how close they are. But the messages are directed towards the members, so they really should be in the 2nd person. Anyway, I hope I was able to get the meaning across. Enjoy!

From the show’s producer, to all of you who are kindly supporting “Arashi Challenge Week”

“Arashi Week”, which lasted 8 days, finished off last night (11/1) with the “Odoroki no Arashi, Seiki no Daijikken & Nama Live Special”.

We want to thank everyone for not only watching the show, but also participating in various ways such as preparing your own 3D glasses.

Our goal was to make it so that whenever you turned on Nihon TV you’d be able to see Arashi! We’ve been working on this project for the past year, but it was only a success because through your smiling faces all of you lent your power to the members during their busy time. Thank you! Thank you!

Lastly, from all the staff, I would like to leave a message of thanks to each of the members.

The top batter for the special programs during Arashi Week was Nino-chan. It was “Gyouretsu ga dekiru houritsu soudansho”. At the time of the recording, the star shaped badges that all the members wore throughout the week weren’t finished being made, so we had to improvise with a regular tin badge… While we were still nervous about how Arashi Week was going to turn out, maybe he was a little embarrassed by Shinsuke-san praising Arashi so much? He also did a great job on Gurunai as well as the other programs during the week. Thank you!

Even though he was busy filming the drama from the early morning till late at night, he still showed us that great “Aiba Power” during the experiment locations. We the staff, who really love helium, on such short notice made him blow the flute with helium during the studio recording, and the salt boat didn’t go as planned. Even through all of that, Aiba-chan was always smiling. During last night's live broadcast, all the fans smiling faces were reflected in Mirror Man, it was like a collaboration of Aiba’s and the fans’ smiles. We’ll be counting on you again in the future! Thank you.

It’s thanks to Sho-chan being a caster for NEWS ZERO that the collaborations with news programs were a success during Arashi Week. It’s because of all the hard work Sho-chan puts into his reporting that such famous athletes such as Ishikawa Ryo and Kitajima Kousuke graciously sent congratulatory messages for Arashi. The well refined “Sakurai Caster” on ZERO and the “blundering Sho-san” on Shukudai-kun are both enjoyable sides of Sho-chan. Thank you!

Because we, the “Arashi no Shukudai-kun” staff, don’t know a lot about how to make music programs, MatsuJun was at the center of the planning for the staging during the live special. He even stayed up with us past 2 in the morning helping us plan. He is full of amazing ideas and always strives to make a performance that will please the fans. His “powerful power” which helped pull the staff members along is the brilliant driving force behind Arashi. Please continue to lend us your strength. Thank you!

We were together from Friday morning for “Zoom In Super” all the way until “Zoom In Saturday”, weren’t we? Because we were apart for the few hours between the NEWS ZERO special on Friday night and Zoom In Saturday, when we met in the morning I said “Hey, haven’t we met somewhere before?” In response, Oh-chan smiled and played along by saying “We must have met in a dream”. Even though he must have been very tired, Leader didn’t let it show at all. Thank you!

It’s impossible for us to put all of our feelings of gratitude for the members into words.
But most importantly, as a “Collaboration Week” with all of you who supported Arashi and Nihon TV, Arashi Challenge Week was a great success!

If we were able to create an exciting and fun time for Arashi and you fans to interact through the “filter” we call television, it would make us happier than anything else.

It’s too embarrassing to say on a regular basis so we never put it into words, but…
We all love Arashi!

With this feeling as the basis, we hope to continue creating an enjoyable time for everyone with Arashi through “Arashi no Shukudai-kun” and other programs.

Thank you for these past 8 days!
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