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For uploaders + Waza-ari ep09

My friend told me about this file sharing service - http://up-file.com/.
More about this service and Waza-ari episode to try it

(to download find phrase "up-file all 4you" and click)

BTW soon on www.arashian.com beginning all-wazaari-project (%D). If you need some episodes - just contact with admin and ask about access.

So, about Up-file:
- unlim storage, downloads and speed
- no fees
- max file size 1 GB
- you can use http or ftp to upload files. Dunno about http, but throug ftp you can even resume uploading
- no registration needed, but if you are registered, you have account with info about your files.

Paradise? Maybe...
I found one bug, discussed it with person from support and dont see this bug anymore - dunno if its still there:
sometimes its said that your file deleted bcos of abuse, but its not true - refresh page OR re-open page OR wait couple minutes and try link again - the link works. If nothing helped - well, maybe this file really was deleted. XDDDD

cross-posted? no XDDD

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