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A few questions and Potato 10/09 AibaxSho

I've finally finished the Arashi Potato article I started a million years ago, sorry I've just been really busy which leads into my next thing. For my "Popular Music in Modern Japan" class I have to do a research paper and of course I'm doing it on Arashi! I have some questions I would like you guys to answer and my bribe for you is a translation♥♥ So please rather than leaving a comment in my translation post[which I'd love for you to do anyways], I'd love for you to answer them!! Any length is fine!

[First please state what country you are from]
1. How were you introduced to Arashi?
2. Why do you like Arashi?
3. Do you read lyric translations? If so do you think of the translated lyrics while you listen to the song?
4. What do you like about Arashi's music as a whole? [ex. the beat, the lyrics, their voices...etc]
5. What are your thoughts on Arashi's dancing? [love it or don't, why or why not?]
6. How do you feel about Arashi's other talents? [ex. variety shows, dramas, commercials...etc] Do you watch them regularly?
7. What do you think about Arashi's Masculinity?

That's all of the questions, thanks so much. Of course no specific names or usernames will be used in my paper. If for whatever reason you would prefer to reply as anon, then please answer them in my translation journal somewhere. Thank you so much.

And the promised translation:
Again the theme is teamwork and Aiba and Sho talk about going to New York newly debuted, about My Girl and random other things. If you would like to read it GO HERE!!!
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