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To all Subaru and Nino fan. This is a really old dorama of these two. But this dorama is only available on mofile... I haven't got it yet.. but my computer is broken still. So maybe others can download it and maybe upload them and share them with everyone else. ^-^

NOTE: all episodes is going to be expired on thursday! So better one person download one, and comment here so others can download the other episode. I don't have it myself.. currently I'm downlaoding the first episode.

How to work with mofile


First you need to register, and then go to download, paste the number into colum and right click save as. Often it's on it's limit, just try it later. Normally mofile works the best during the night. Since there are less people downloading in China. Acutally mofile is really annoying, but you can get really great things. Since I'm really interessted in this dorama and I think others, too. It's really rare. Mofile dies a lot, too. So don't get upset with it, just try again.

here are the numbers:

Epi 1 7267250984713047
epi 2 7187174682212026
epi 3 8538526874217804
epi 4 7667651665113260
epi 5 7287271115714512
epi 6 5675665769019554
epi 7 2342334983213236
epi 8 3923917482710345
epi 9 7097082571118046
epi 10 4374362574011294
epi 11 1211201096514517

And some caps:

Subaru looks soooo cute and funny! XDDDD Every episode is with Chinese subs!

So thanks everyone! Lets get this cute dorama together and share it with everyone!! ^O^

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