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Ninomiya Kazunari to star in Ohoku

I just read about this on Johnnys-web and checked to see if anyone had written about it yet here. Looks like it hasn't been mentioned yet, so I thought I'd post :D

Nino will be in ANOTHER movie! This one comes out next year on October 1st.
The official website is here..

This movie is called 大奥 (Ohoku), but it's not the normal 大奥 story that you might be thinking of. In this version, the roles of men and women are reversed. The Shogun in a woman and is surrounded by a group of 3,000 men. Nino will be playing the staring role of a young samurai who enters the Ohoku of the Shogun, played by Shibasaki Kou.

This is just a summary based on reading the website, but if anyone would like a translation of the synopsis or the comments by Nino and Shibasaki Kou, I'd be happy to translate them.
Edit: As requested, I translated the movie synopsis, Nino and Shibasaki Kou's comments and the description of Nino's character.
It's a rough translation, but hopefully makes sense, hehe.

Plot Synopsis
In the age of Tokugawa, a mysterious epidemic which affects only men swept across Edo---
This disease killed 80% of the men in Japan, and the total number of men was reduced to 1/4th that of women.
All important roles are filled by women, and men sell their bodies, the world is a reverse Ukiyo---
In this world, the most luxurious place is...
The inner palace (ohoku) of the female-Shogun, a harem of 3,000 beautiful men where women are not allowed to enter...
And now, one lone Samurai is going to open that door...

Comment by Ninomiya Kazunari
It's my first period film, and my first time to co-star (with Shibasaki Kou), so it feels like a list of firsts. I'm going to try to approach this project with a fresh feeling, and I hope that with my co-stars and the staff we can make an original style period film. But, a reverse Ohoku is... really original, isn't it!
And, when I heard that I would be co-starring with Shibasaki-san I was really happy. To be able to work with someone who I feel is a talented actress makes the set a happy place.
I'm looking forward to starting the filming!

Mizuno Yuunoshin (played by Ninomiya Kazunari)
In an Edo where the roles of men and women are reversed, one determined young man strives along the path of Bushido. In order to save his household from hardship and forget his love for a childhood friend who was from a different class, he decides to enter the Shogun's inner palace. With his inherent wit and skilled swordsmanship, he rises up with great speed in this garden of men, a whirlpool of jealousy and conspiracy.

Comment by Shibasaki Kou
Objectively speaking, I'm very interested to see what a movie where the Shogun is a woman will be like. Reading the comic I was strangely convinced that a world where the roles of men and women are reversed could really work. I also strongly felt the inner strength of women that lives on even until today. I've been given the chance to play that kind of woman in Yoshimune, so I hope to be able to portray her inherent strong will and determined character and show that passion, you might say, that is at the bottom of her soul. I will be very happy if I can accomplish playing this character to fit the feeling of the world portrayed in the movie. This will be my first full-fledged period film, but I hope to be able to do something new while still being immersed in the feeling of traditional Japan, which I love. It's my first time to work with Ninomiya Kazunari-san, but I hope to not get in his way, while enjoying the acting that I love to do.

*note: "not get in his way" sounds weird in English, but I couldn't think of a better way to translate it. Basically she is just being very humble and saying that he is a better actor than she is, so she hopes she wont bring down his performance with her acting. (Her entire comment is very polite and formal language)

Just thought I'd post this while I'm still super excited about another Nino staring role~!!
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