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Vote for Arashi - 60th Kouhaku Uta Gassen

Click here to vote!

The voting is placed at the bottom of the page (means you scroll down down down :P)
The left is for the female performers, where the right is male performers.
ARASHI in number one with kanji: 嵐
1.Clicking the button beside Artist name
2.After clicking the button beside theirs, scroll down, and you will see a comment box. Write whatever on it.
4. Then there's box under the comment box..They will ask you:
- Gender,click the arrow shape then choose the top for male and the most bottom for female
- Age (choose your range of age)
- Location (choose whatever)

Tohoshinki leading now with 82.8 80.7 77.5% and Arashi 2nd with 11.3 13.2 16.2%

If your questions are unanswered, people might have answered in comments so please read before asking =X I myself am not sure about the poll too ^^

PS: Don't bash TVXQ please ^0^
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