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Saigo no Yakusoku Twitter Action #ARASHI

Totally forget about it, or it seems that nobody had the idea before ;_; 
So I'll just make a quick last-minute announcement, since it doesn't seem that anyone would do it now.

It's less then 12 hours until Saigo no Yakusoku Air time. And it's not just any drama with Arashi, it's a SP drama with all five of them *_* I mean how often do you guys see them together? 
So let's try to spam twitter D: 
I mean okay I'm not hoping a lot, because I've never organized something like that and even #tsuribaka and #miracleboy hasn't been this super sucessful and it was announced like weeks before >__<

So just give it a try, everyone who is watching Saigo no Yakusoku (and those who doesn't watch it cause it's not subbed, or Keyhole doesn't work or whatever) let's spam about Saigo no Yakusoku.

And since it's so super last minute, i would say we just use somethign simple like  #ARASHI
Just like for all these Kpop twitting(#tvxq)

So let's do it for #ARASHI this time :D 

Airing time for Saigo no Yakusoku: 09.01.10 - 9pm (japanese time) - pls calculate it into your own time :) if you need help just ask GOOGLE :D!

But since it's already today, everyone can start now already :) And you can twitter later too :) just the whole 09.01.10 :D! 
Let's have fun xD! 

Something you should know:
1. If you locked your twitter, please UNLOCK it just for this day. Locked twits will not be counted into the trending topics
2. DON'T / NEVER spam like #arashi #arashi #arashi #arashi #arashi, it's for no use. Try to give your twitting a bit of content (like: #arashi is super amazing  OR i love saigo no yakusoku #arashi OR I'm tired #arashi.
3. Please do NOT mention other trending topics while you're spamming #arashi
4.Have fun xD! 

Don't know if there is anything more to add, so pls tell me if you still have something to say :) 

Time to start the last-minute-action for our beloved boys XD! 
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