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Troublemaker release announced~!

The date for the release of Arashi's new single has been announced today. It will be released on March 3rd~!

Limited edition will include...
1. Troublemaker
2. Yurase, ima wo (揺らせ、今を)
DVD - Troublemaker PV

Regular edition...
1. Troublemaker
2. Yurase, ima wo (揺らせ、今を)
3. Mou ippo (もう一歩)
4. Troublemaker (karaoke track)
5. Yurase, ima wo (揺らせ、今を) (karaoke track)
6. Mou ippo (もう一歩) (karaoke track)

Looks like Sora Takaku wont be released on CD (at least not yet). But including the 3rd track "mou ippo", it makes up the 4 songs which MatsuJun said they recorded at the end of last year. Perhaps Sora Takaku will be included in the next album?
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