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Additional cast announced for Ohoku

Today they announced some more of the actors who will be appearing in Ohoku with Nino. I thought some people might be interested. Feel free to ignore my comments in the parentheses xD

Onobu - Horikita Maki (not sure how to feel about this, lol ;^^)
Matsushima - Tamaki Hiroshi (Yay, I love him~!)
Tsuruoka - Okura Tadayoshi (Kanjani8~~!)
Sugishita - Abe Sadao (Also not sure how I feel about this casting, simply based on how the character looks in the manga, but he is a good actor so I think it will be good)

If anyone would like to see the comments by each actor, I could also translate those for you guys. Just let me know :D
They were all pretty short and I had time, so I just went ahead and translated them...

Horikita Maki
The setting of this movie is very interesting and something that no one has ever thought of, so I'm very excited to have been chosen for this role.
Also, I am incredibly happy to be able to act together with Ninomiya-san, who I respect very much as an actor.
I am looking forward to seeing just how gorgeous an all-male Ohoku will be. (*note: She doesn't mean how gorgeous the guys will be, but in general all the pomp and flashiness)
My character sends off the one she loves into the Ohoku, but I hope you will look forward to seeing what will happen to the love between these two childhood friends who cannot show their true feelings.

Tamaki Hiroshi
The original manga comes from such a fresh angle, that when I started reading it I was immediately pulled into the world it portrays.
The characters were born in a harsh time, and within that world they strive to live in their own ways...
Though this story is fiction, I felt I was able to empathize with the feelings of all the characters, including Matsushima, who I will play.
Just as the original story, I hope to be able to play Matsushima in such a way that this work will become one which shows many important things even for the world of today.

Okura Tadayoshi
This is the first time that I will be acting together with Ninomiya-san, so I am looking forward to it very much.
I hope to be able to learn a lot from him on the set.
I will try my best to be able to make my own impression among such an incredible cast.

Abe Sadao
Sugishita is really cool! (*note: I agree, hehe xD)
I am very happy that I will be able to take on the challenge of this role, and I am very grateful.
I will do my best to look like I'm really in the Edo era.
Thank you for your support.
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