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[DUET April '10] Arashi On/Off switch: Ohno Satoshi

Scan credits watermarked. Scan directly linked back to source page, if you are in her vox neighbourhood you should be able to see it. I’m biased, so I will only be doing Ohchan’s ハート by tsuna0605.

In what timing will you switch to became Ohno Satoshi of Arashi?
That thing called 'switch’, I don’t get it. I’ve never done it on purpose. I am just my usual self. Perhaps it’s better that I change this attitude?

Do you switch consciously while working and in private?
I guess I don’t really do it on purpose. But I’ve always been told that I’m very different, the feeling I give off during live performances compared to how I am usually… Is that so? I don’t know that myself (laugh). Really it’s not like it’s something I do on purpose to switch to that mode. If that’s different from my usual self, I guess that’s not too bad either (laugh).

Before concerts, other than the group ring your form together, is there anything else which you do to switch your mood? 
I take deep breaths. Right before I perform. “May everything end smoothly with no one getting hurt, and no accidents happening” I think about that in my heart while I take deep breaths. That’s about it.

(read more on Ohno's "switches" LOL)

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