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Tears Don't Lie: You Will Be Missed, AnS

Translation of AnS staff Black Pinar’s blog on the shooting of the last episode, dated 12th March 2010. Sorry for being late.

宿題くんオジサン Uncle Homework

Seems like Black Pinar SOS's "Darvish Yuu" is being written as "Darvish (Yuu)" (usually for corporations, (有)is added behind the company name) to make him seem like some sorta Private & Limited company. 

The other day, I did the maesetsu (effort to help live audiences warm-up and create a good atmosphere before shooting, and instructions for the audiences to react on whatever goes on during the shooting: laugh, clap, say “eh~” etc.) on the last episode of “Arashi no Shukudai-kun”.

Although the last episode was filmed without any audiences, just as I’ve done the maesetsu for the previous shootings, I also observed the final episode.

とても良い最終回だった。It was a superb finale.

泣いているスタッフの方もいた。There were also staff who cried.

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haruki0223さんの絵文字 this is so touching haruki0223さんの絵文字

I will miss AnS a lot too~!! *hugs Black Pinar-san and cries together*

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