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Denise 旭

Baystorm 14th March 2010

Transcription: Chika-san || Translations: Denise_Dinc

「元気100倍、ベイストーム!」“100times more of vitality, Baystorm!”

Right good evening, this is Arashi’s Ninomiya Kazunari. Today’s opening line was sent in by I-can’t-help-being- excited-over-Sunday’s-10.00pm!-san. This person said “It takes about 30 minutes when I’m preparing to go out, and I always replay the Baystorm radioshow which I record every week while I’m doing my preparation, anticipating the coming week’s radioshow. When I’m doing make-up I get glued to the TV, so instead I tell myself after hearing Kazu-kun’s voice that I would work hard today too! By the way how long does Kazu-kun to prepare yourself when you want to go out? Do you do your preparation while watching TV or playing some music?”

…I’m pretty fast in the morning. About 10minutes I guess? TV or music… no I don’t do that. Well since I’m still sleepy I don’t feel like doing it. But for girls, usually it takes time for them to put on make-up and stuff. Right? Then how long would you take? (asking Aso-san) …5 hours? I see, so Aso-san needs 5 hours. Then if she has to go out at 5.00am in the morning she might not get any sleep at all, it becomes like that doesn’t it. That’s tough. But this person, this I-can’t-help-being- excited-over-Sunday’s-10.00pm!-san said she takes only 30minutes, that means she’s good right. Well when you think you’re good there is always someone better. I think it must be hard for girls like Aso-san who takes 5hours to prepare herself (laugh). Since there are many things to be done.

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