Denise 旭 (denise_dinc) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Denise 旭

ARASHI DISCOVERY 24th March 2010

Indeed the best way to eat octopus (tako) is to have it deep fried (tatsuta age)! No that’s not it, it’s the kite (tako) which can be flown (ageru) up to the sky!

So then, what do you call the kite which flies up to the sky in English?
(okay the answer is already in this sentence LOL)

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。Please choose from the following three:

  1. カイト kite
  2. サイト site
  3. ヘッドライト headlight

(Read more on Ohchan talking about... octopus instead of kites? And fishing again?!!)

I love this boy XD

Tags: other: translation

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