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Mod Post: Moderators, Layouts & A Rules Update~!

Hello allllll~

First off, I would like to announce some modding changes here at a_ra_shi. kusano & everystarrfall are no longer moderators here due to busy schedules. As such, a while back kazenitowani stepped in to help out and recently so did hontowa. Izumi and Maki have done quite a bit to help me out here and I am really grateful for all of their help! Please treat them kindly!

Second, I know it's a little late, but the second place winning layout & profile are now up at the community! Give them a look when you get a chance!

Finally, while doing the profile today, I made a few tweaks to the rules. There aren't many, but I ask that you please re-read them. :)

☆This is a community about Arashi only, which means that anything not related to them (such as information about other Johnny's groups) should be posted in other, more relevant communities.

☆With that said, anything directly related to Arashi can be posted here, be it news, downloads, translations, etc. All fanworks may be posted at iza_now.

☆Images that are wider than 300px or 300px tall, must be placed behind an LJ-cut as well. If you do not use an LJ-cut even upon others' requests, the post will be deleted.

☆I'm sure it goes without saying that common courtesy and respect to other members is a given, right? This is not a matter we take lightly, so please be careful with your treatment of others. If in doubt, just follow the Golden Rule.

☆We reserve the right to delete any comments or post deemed inappropriate. Similarly, we will ban users as we see fit.

☆Sales posts of any kind are prohibited.

☆Posts may not contain more than one or two words or phrases out of the DEFAULT COLOR. This means no posts in all purple, or gray or any other color other than DEFAULT. Black also counts, as layouts do not recognize it as 'default'. This is a common courtesy to users who watch the comm.

☆If you link to a product on PlayAsia, YesAsia or any other site with an affiliate program and use and affiliate link without noting somewhere in the post that it is an affiliate link, your post will be deleted & your account WILL BE BANNED.

☆All spoilers, no matter how trivial you think they may be, NEED TO BE UNDER A CUT, with a warning that there is a spoiler behind the cut.

☆If you are linking to a f-only post or a members locked post on a community, please state so in the post. If it is not mentioned in the post, the entry will be deleted.

☆Any post containing the phrase "Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete!" or any variation will be DELETED. This shows us you haven't read the rules and just don't care.

☆All birthday posts will be place in a MASTER birthday post. You can comment with well wishes and any things you may do for the person's birthday in the comments.

☆All requests will be made on one master post and compiled monthly. If you post a request anywhere other than the request post, it will be deleted.

☆All fanworks (icons, graphics, phone themes, fanart, fanvids, etc.) should now be posted at iza_now. Any post containing these items will be deleted without notice.

Thank you for taking the time to read! :)
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