pamujung (pamujung) wrote in a_ra_shi,

Project 嵐 on Twitter

Hi all,

to those who have twitter account and those who are interested to have one after reading this :D I am planning to do experiment something on twitter haha actually as you might know we have done the trend project so many times for Arashi but we never do the '嵐' japanese one for them. Hence I want us to trend  嵐 not #arashi or arashi this time. Hope every can join the FUN!! and don't forget to unlock your account to public on the day ^-^

DATE: April 14th 2010
TIME: ALL DAY (if possible) but let make it peak at 11AM JST for Eastern and 6PM JST for Western :D

what do you think? 

also have posted the detail HERE to discuss the date and time if most of us incovenient about it ^^;
Tags: discuss: fanproject

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