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Translation: Kaibutsu-kun special blog

So, today is the first episode of Kaibutsu-kun! (Among many other shows that we all have to watch today, hehe) Anyway, for Kaibutsu-kun (as with most dramas that Arashi members are in) there will be a special limited time blog by Ohno-kun. The first entry was today, and there will be an entry every week until the last episode.

I translated today's entry on my LJ and thought people might be interested, so I'll post a link to the Lj-cut here. (Feel free to ignore the rest of the post)

Come to Kaibutsu Land~

The entry is really short, but it's cute (cuter when you can actually see the emoticons, sorry ;^^) I'm thinking of translating it each week if people are interested? Also, in each entry he will post a picture, but since it's J-web they are locked files, so I can't actually include the pictures (sorry again ;^^)
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