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Baystorm 11th April 2010

Sorry I'm so late!

Transcription: Saika-san || Translations: Denise_Dinc

「お茶しませんか?」 “Care for a cup of tea?”

はいこんばんは嵐の和也二宮です。今日のオープニングの一言はRN.Love so sweetのサビ踊れるようになりましたさんから頂きました、紹介しましょう。「この前久しぶりに小学校の頃好きだった男子からこういうメールがきました。その子とは中学・高校が別だったので3年ぶりです。3年の溝を埋めるにはどういった会話をしたらいいですか、アドバイス下さい」。…3年かぁ。小学校の時…そっかぁ。すごくない?アドレス変わってないんだね。素晴らしいよ3年間アドレス変わってないんだもん。STBYはどう思います?
Right good evening, this is Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi. Today’s radio opening line is by I’m-finally-able-to-dance-to-Love-So-Sweet’s-chorus-san, let’s introduce this person. “Few days ago I received a mail message from a guy whom I liked during elementary school. It’s been 3 years since I last saw him as we were in different middle schools and high schools. What kind of conversation should I bring up to fill the ditch of 3 years? Please give your advice” …3 years~. During the time of elementary school… is that so. Isn’t it amazing? She haven’t changed her email address. It’s wonderful that she kept the same address for 3 years. STBY what do you think?

んんんーーー Hmm… ← cut off straightaway

(read more on Nino talking about and his moss-like jersey and Ohmiya rabu rabu ^^)


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