Denise 旭 (denise_dinc) wrote in a_ra_shi,
Denise 旭

Arashi Discovery 20th April 2010

今日は、ワサビの問題です。Today’s question is on wasabi.

Indeed, it’s the best thing to eat the freshly caught fishes as sashimi. Together with wasabi… Oh by the way, which part is wasabi from?

So then, for wasabi which is one of those being used as spices, which part of the plant is it from?

次の三つの中から選んで下さい。Please choose from the following three:

  1. 根っこ root
  2. 花びら petal
  3. seed
(read more about... hey, I know fishes a lot better now thanks to him XD)

Tags: other: translation

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